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The periodical Ganjingzi Literature and Art welcomes a brand new edition

To promote innovation, cultivate fine artistic works, improve the readability of Ganjingzi Literature and Art and expand the transmission channels, Ganjingzi District Literature Federation spent more than two months in revising the periodical and welcomed the brand new edition.



The periodical was freshened with newly designed cover and pages, column introduction and logo. In addition, content positioning was improved and optimized to keep pace with the development of times and stay close to the local reality. The newly added columns, such as “declaimer”, “mini-novel” and “beautiful Ganjingzi” continue to reflect the changes and development of the urban areas and present with great enthusiasm the stories, voices, culture and image of Ganjignzi.



For the next step, the periodical will adopt the mode of online publication and offline lectures to constantly innovate on the column and content, enrich the forms of artistic activities and increase the participation of readers. Meanwhile, efforts should be made to give full play to Dalian writer, Senlin.Mingzhugu and hold special forums on the excellent works in literature, art, calligraphy and photography so as to expand the influence of fine literary and artistic works and promote the development of regional advanced culture.