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Zhuanghe government holds the 17th executive meeting

On the evening of August 24, Zhao Yongbo, mayor of Zhuanghe city, presided over the 17th executive meeting of Zhuanghe government for the deliberation of implementation opinions and plans. Municipal leaders, Li Damin, Li Yongxiang, Zhao Linyan, Yu Chengfu, Lu Jianyuan, Su Changzhong and Kong Xiangdong attended the meeting. In addition, leaders of departments involving finance, supervision and law enforcement were present at the meeting.



The meeting deliberated and passed the working plans for accepting and cooperating with the supervision from national marine department, the overall planning for the post-disaster reconstruction of Zhuanghe, the opinions on holding a municipal conference on hygiene and health as well as the rectification plans for the problems in Liaoning Fairy Cave, a national natural reserve.



Zhao Yongbo stressed in his speech that relevant departments should attach great importance to the special marine inspection, stick to be problem-orientation, enhance organization and clarify the accountability system.  



“Post-disaster reconstruction is a long and arduous work, which entails a great sense of responsibility and mission. Great efforts should be made to safeguard the interests of the suffering masses with careful and practical implementation plans.” Said Zhao Yongbo.



For the municipal conference on hygiene and health, Zhao required each department to specify responsibility and allot key tasks. For the rectification of problems in Liaoning Fairy Cave, a long-term and effective mechanism should be established to speed up the rectification.