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Zhuanghe City: ensure the successful completion of annual tasks

On August 24, Zhang Shuping, secretary of Zhuanghe Municipal Party Committee, and Mayor Zhao Yongbo led a team to dispatch the work on fixed asset investment and other major projects, and mobilized all departments to overcome difficulties and engage in the project construction. Municipal leaders including He Tong, Sha Zhihua, Li Yibing and Li Damin, and main leaders from municipal Party Committee and government attended the dispatching work.



In the morning that day, Zhang Shuping and her parties investigated six projects such as the storage base of agricultural and sideline products in Dalian Shiming Storage Co., Ltd. and Dalian Fugu Modern Fishery Ecology Park, learnt in detail the construction plan, progress and operation and listened to the work report of related persons. In the afternoon, Zhang Shuping presided over the work conference on fixed asset investment and major project construction. Li Yongxiang, member of municipal standing committee and executive deputy mayor made a work report. Besides, North Yellow Sea Economic Zone and Party committees of 25 villages and towns (streets) reported the project process through PowerPoint presentation.



Zhao Yongbo pointed that since 2017, Dalian has taken the opportunity of optimizing the business environment to promote the construction of major projects. For the next step, Zhuanghe City should recognize the overall situation, firm the determination of “pushing the schedule while guaranteeing fixed asset investment”, and draw on experience to establish confidence, so as to complete the tasks throughout the year with joint efforts.



Zhao Yongbo stressed that the city should insist on problem orientation, take comprehensive measures and improve the project quality while getting over the difficulties. Moreover, efforts should be made to enhance leadership, specify accountability, ensure the practical implementation and focus on evaluation and supervision, so as to push forward the project with innovative concepts and practical efforts.



Zhang Shuping required all villages, towns and streets, as well as all departments to enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility in project promotion, , take vigorous measures to create a new look in fixed asset investment and major projects with broader horizon, more practical actions and innovative methods.



Zhang Shuping stressed that all departments should focus on the project process while unifying thoughts and optimizing business environment, make early preparation and overcome difficulties with practical workstyle and perseverance. Besides, joint efforts should be made to push forward the project, enhance leadership, conduct stricter inspection and evaluation, complete tasks as scheduled and welcome the 19th National Congress of the CPC with remarkable results.