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Leaders of municipal traffic bureau investigates the construction of Bohai Sea Avenue project

On August 24, Wang Shaocheng, head of municipal traffic bureau, led an investigation team to conduct an on-site inspection on Bohai Sea Avenue (Ganjingzi Section) project, and organized an office meeting at the conference room of Houyan traffic project department. Present at the meeting were Xu Kejun, head of Ganjingzi government, Yuan Jinshan, deputy head and other persons in charge of traffic bureaus at municipal and district levels and related entities.



The investigation aims to implement the spirit of Mayor Xiao Shengfeng on accelerating the construction of major projects so as to ensure the timely completion of work tasks. Municipal leaders listened to the removal process of Bohai Sea Avenue Phase I (Ganjingzi Section) and Yaodong Road project.



As for the work in the next step, Wang Shaocheng required that we should firstly improve the removal efficiency by formulating solution plans to resolve the difficulties. Secondly, all construction entities should strive to accelerate the process as scheduled on the premise of high quality and security. Thirdly, efforts should be made to take effective measures for a favorable condition for the removal work of Bohai Sea Avenue extending line (Yaodong Road). Fourthly, related entities and departments should enhance the communication and coordination to jointly overcome difficulties and ensure the smooth going of each task.