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Leaders of Lushunkou district met with the enterprise delegation of Kongzhong Business University

A few days ago, Yi Qingtao, secretary of Lushunkou district Party committee, and Li Jun, mayor of Lushunkou district, met with the enterprise delegation of Kongzhong Business University and discussed the investment and cooperation on new energy, intelligent tourism, modern agriculture, and physical distribution center.



Yi and Li welcomed the elite entrepreneurs of Kongzhong Business University on behalf of Lushunkou district committee and its government and introduced them the regional condition, industrial development, and cultural tourism. Lushun achieves overall reform and opening up later than other regions. Thus, the ecological energy is well reserved because of remarkable regional advantages. Lushun owns unique natural and port resources and has convenient traffic, which is quite suitable for the development of industries, including hydrogen energy, tourism, physical distribution and the masses’ health. Lushun is devoting itself to exploring historical culture of Taiyang Gou, promoting the construction of the innovative industrial zone. Lushun is the best livable city in the northeast China by virtue of cool summer and warm winter, where industries concerning the masses’ health, health maintenance, retirement, and leisure tourism can be developed in a favorable manner. As the only green economic zone of the whole province, Lushun speeds up the establishment of hydrogen energy base and retirement base, badly seeking for the settlement of great enterprises with strong sense of responsibility. The planning and development are carried out according to high standards by the zone to introduce advanced construction and management and cooperate with local enterprises. The development concept of Kongzhong Business University coincides with the development plan of the green economic zone. Hopefully, the delegation will visit Lushun more to accelerate the progress of projects.

Yu Jinlong, enterprise representative of the delegation, introduced Kongzhong Business University to the leaders. The university is founded by a group of elites with characteristics of dreams, ambitions, sense of historical missions, sense of national responsibilities, and patriotism. The founders conduct cultural lectures around the world, aiming to show the China’s soft power, value and strength. The university is operated for public benefit and investment organization to promote national cultural rejuvenation. The entrepreneurs view Lushun as the crucial region in the northeast Asia with prominent advantages and sound climate, which is appropriate for developing hydrogen energy, modern agriculture, intelligent tourism, and modern physical distribution. The development concept of Lushun green economic zone coincides with many investment projects of Kongzhong Business University. The delegation is willing to investigate Lushun and develop preponderant industries with unique advantages, affecting the whole northeast region and achieve win-win achievements.


Both sides discussed other relevant affairs and reached consensus.