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Dalian Municipal Committee of CPPCC conducts researches in Lushunkou district on business environment construction

In order to promote the implementation of the teleconference spirit on optimizing the provincial and municipal business environment, recently, the Third CPPCC Inspection Team led by Vice Chairman of Dalian Municipal Committee of CPPCC Wang Naibo conducted researches in Lushunkou district on business environment construction work. Leaders of Lushunkou district, including Yi Qingtao, Li Jun, Sun Jiaping, Guo Jing and Du Furong, accompanied him during the research.



The inspection team visited the Administrative Service Center of Lushunkou district, Dalian Reak science & Technology Co. Ltd., Dalian Electric Power Traction R & D Center Co., Ltd., Dalian Demaishi Precision Technology Co., Ltd. and other entities and enterprises, learned about the development of various enterprises in detail and listened to thoughts of enterprises on business environment construction. Wang Naibo pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the construction of business environment and made important instructions for many times. The provincial commission and government also determine this year as the business environment construction year. Dalian should follow the instructions of Xi Jinping, take the business environment as the entry and breakout, and fundamentally remove the constraints of institutional obstacles restricting development. Efforts should also be in place to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry, promote the transformation of government functions, be better integrated into “The Belt and Road” strategy, participate in international economic cooperation and competition actively, and comprehensively enhance the level of internationalization in Dalian.



In the subsequent symposium, Wang Naibo put forward some views and suggestions on the construction work. He had great expectations on the construction in Lushunkou district. Yi Qingtao, secretary of Lushunkou district Party committee, and Li Jun, mayor of Lushunkou district, introduced the situation of business environment construction to the inspection team and expressed that the government would make full use of good practices and advanced experience in other areas and lead all Party cadres in the district, especially leading cadres, to emancipate the mind and improve the executive ability, so that they can be responsible for the city, the people and the cause. They will win this tough battle of optimizing the business environment with the greatest determination and enthusiasm, and make outstanding achievements to welcome the convening of the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China.