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Lushunkou District Talent Service Center takes measures to carry out the action plan of 2017

Lushunkou District Talent Service Center, according to the action plan of 2017, specifies tasks and promotes the quality-oriented employment through supply side structure reform.



The first step is to reduce unemployment insurance rate periodically and give subsides to enterprises that don’t lay off workers or reduce the number of laid-off workers. Currently, the number of enterprises registered online for the subsidy has reached 233, with 167 passing the preliminary approval and re-check, 64 applying for the re-check and 2 failing to pass the preliminary approval.



The second is to promote the construction of platforms for extensive entrepreneurship and special towns and step up the publicity on entrepreneurship through green service platforms, Wechat official accounts and lectures in order to encourage the leading enterprises and talents from all walks of life to engage in relevant issues.



The third step is to hold regular large-scale entrepreneurship activities and organize 10 enterprises to attend the 15th Entrepreneurship Exposition. So far, entrepreneurship instructors have been invited to platforms, streets and communities to give relevant lectures.



The fourth is to enhance the supply of human resources and construct a permanent training system. More than 600 people have been trained so far.