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The first plasticized panda specimen in the world makes its debut in Golden Pebble Beach Life Secret Museum

The giant panda, whose image represents unique significance, is not only the national treasure in China but also the emblem of the World Wildlife Protection Foundation. In recent days, the first plasticized panda specimen in the world has made its debut in Golden Pebble Beach Life Secret Museum, thus becoming the new focus of the museum.



This specimen is made of an unlucky dead panda with relevant operation approved by national authoritative departments. The Life Secret Museum adopted the up-to-date patented technology and made the panda body into a complete specimen composed of fur and feather, muscle, skeleton and viscera. The specimen will be used for scientific and technological research as well as publicity of popular science. Currently, the fur and leather part has been on exhibition.



Since the official debut of the specimen last Saturday, it has gone viral online and attracted a multitude of tourists, panda fans and science fans. Meanwhile, other specimens of hippo, leopard and Manchurian tiger that just returned from overseas tour exhibitions also made debut in the museum and attracted large numbers of tourists as well.



In addition, the museum will further set up a special exhibition area for the giant panda, distribute wildlife protection proposals, invite youth volunteers to conduct on-site explanation and carry out theme activities in primary and secondary schools so as to further create a favorable atmosphere for protecting wildlife and caring for the homeland.