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Jinpu New District conducted inspection on key flood Control places



Wang Qiang, member of the Municipal Party Committee, party secretary of PartyWorking Committee and director of Administrative Committee of Jinpu New District, general director of command post of Flood Control and Drought Resistance delivered a speech at on-the spot meeting about workson typhoon and Flood Control on July 9, 2017. In order to fully implement the spirit of Wang Qiang’s speech, Ji Zheng, deputy secretary of Party Working Committee, dupety director of Administrative Committee and deputy chief commanders of Flood Control and Drought Resistance of Jinpu New District, and Sun Qiang, managing director of Agricultureal Bureau and chief commanders of command post of Flood Control and Drought Resistance of Jinpu New District carried out inspection on key flood control places on July 16. Ji Zheng and his party came to such places as Diaoyutai Village, Shihe Street, material reserve warehouse of district flood control office, Beidahe Reservoir and Wolong Reservoir for on-site inspection, and they listened to the report of relevant units. Inspector Pan Jun as well as main leaders from Agriculture Bureau, Meteorological Bureau, and main learders from Yongzhen Street, Zhongchang Street, Dongjiagou Street and Shihe Street accompanied with the inspection team.



Ji Zheng gave affirmation to the high efficiency of Puwan Economic Zone in the installation work of rural emergency broadcasting system that finished within one week, and also spoke highly of District Flood Control and Drought Resistance Office about their works on material reserve and Beidahe Reservoir and Wolong Reservoir about their works on flood controlpreparation.



Ji Zheng pointed out that we should pay high attention to frequent rainstorm and flood, specify each emergency measure and ensure the life and property security of the masses. Several measures should be taken. The first is to enhance the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in reservoirs, improve the emergency disposal capability and specify the risk avoidance plan for the masses living in the downstream reservoirs. The second is to further implement “River and reservor long-term management system” and enhance the responsibility of river maintenance. The third is to improve emergency materials and rescue teams, and handle well the flood control work in a practical and specific manner.