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Proactive Plan to Win the Batle Fighting Against Poverty

Municipal Water Affairs Bureau seriously implements the spirit of Decision of Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on Winning the Battle of Fighting Against Poverty, plan proactively to make full use of the advantage of water industry and make contributions for the city to win the battle of fighting against poverty.



Following the new adjustment made by municipal government about targets that need to be supported on July 17 and 21, Zhang Dali, deputy managing director of Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, led its Party Office, Rural Water Conservancy Department, Municipal Water Conservancy and Hydropower Bureau, Municipal Water and Soil Conservation Office, Municipal Water Supply Company and other departments to help with their two target units: Liuda Village of Shabao Town in Pulandian District and Taling Town in Zhuanghe City.



Taking advantage of their work in the water affairs, Municipal Water Affairs Bureau started from solving problems in rural areas like drinking water, drinking water safety, follow-up support to relocated people, soil and water management, water conservation and other aspects. They studied and communicated with targets that need to be supported, and formed the work intention to strengthen and improve the infrastructure construction through project supporting. They formulated the work policy to first plan, design and arrange Benefit Projects for low-income villages, and coordinate and integrate funds to maximize the preferential policies towards the targets. It forms a clear work plan for the poverty alleviation work this year, laying a solid foundation for winning the battle fighting against poverty.