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Lushunkou District held an emergency conference on defending heavy rainfall

At 8 pm of July 19, Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held an emergency video conference on defending heavy rainfall. Yi Qinggeng, secretary of District Party Committee of Lushunkou District Committee, Li Jun, district mayor of Lushunkou District Government, Xia Deyong, member of the Standing Committee of Lushunkou District Committee and deputy district mayor of Lushunkou district Government, and Wang Zhaoqing, deputy district mayor of Lushunkou District Government, watched and listened to the conference at Lushun parallel sessions.



Lushunkou District Government held an emergency conference on defending heavy rainfall immediately after the emergency video conference. Yi addressed that all areas and entities should implement the spirit of the conference and accomplish all emergency work of defending heavy rainfall during flood season. Yi urged to meet the requirements of the following 4 aspects. First, monitoring of 21 geologic defense points and the inspection on reservoirs, dangerous areas and areas prone to mud and rock flows should be strengthened. Second, draining work in urban low-lying areas should be improved and immediate rectify and reform relevant problems including imperfect draining facilities. Third, leadership direction and 24-hour shift system should be executed strictly to fully implement safety guarantee system. Forth, information should be accessible among villages, espacially rural“Typhon”should be installed in every villiage. Once the disaster occurs, it should be informed to villagers immediately and should be reported to command post of flood prevention and drought resistance.