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Dalian Water Affairs Bureau carried out investigation and rectification on work style construction

On July 20, 2017, Dalian Water Affairs Bureau held a working conference on “Carrying out investigation and rectification on work style construction” at the meeting room on the third-floor. The attendees included cadres at or above deputy level of the bureau, main leaders of Party and government administrations in subordinate units of the bureau, and main leaders of all departments. Sun Guokuan, secretary of the Party Committee of Dalian Water Affairs Bureau and managing director of Dalian Water Affairs Bureau, deployed and arranged the activities.



The activities focused on Opinions on Implementing the Transformation of Cadres’ Working Style Conveyed in President Xi Jinping’s Important Speech Delivered On Liaoning Delegation’s Deliberation of the Fifth Session of the 12th National People’s Congress, normalized and systematized learning and education of Party building, and promoted transformation of working style. The ideological, working, leadership styles and behaviors should be improved to enhance four consciousnesses. The problem-orientation should be insisted to focus on the construction of working style, combining the practical condition of water affairs and finding the sources of the problems in thoughts, cognition and actions. The problems existing in the working style of Dalian Water Affairs Bureau are urged to solve. Some staffs’ sense of responsibility and working style should be improved to establish the mechanism of “completing affairs ahead of deadline” and implement the working requirements of “completing affairs timely and perfectly”. The ideological construction of all Party members and cadres of Dalian Water Affairs Bureau should be further enhanced to improve the construction level.



Sun urged to meet the requirements of the following 3 aspects. First, the Party organizations at all levels should focus on the leading cadres and give full play to their exemplary roles in the construction of working style to promote the transformation of working style of all cadres and staffs in Dalian Water Affairs Bureau. Second, the overall planning in the rectification should be paid attention to. The investigation and rectification activities should be combined with normalized and systematized learning and education of the Party building, “Three promotions”, implementing “Rriver and reservor long-term management system”, flood prevention and drought resistance and other key tasks of water affairs. Third, a contingent of cadres excellent in political consciousness, profession, working style, service and efficiency should be built to ensure actual effects in the investigation and rectification activities.