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Dalian convened the 5th working conference on constructing national civilized city and enhancing family education and tradition

On July 28, the working conference on constructing national civilized city and enhancing family education and tradition was convened at auditorium of the Municipal Party Committee. Tan Zuojun,  member of the standing committee of Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Municipal Party Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Xiao Shengfeng , deputy secretary of Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Dalian Municipal Government, presided over the meeting. Other municipal leaders, including Wang Qirao, Li Pengyu, Shen Lirong, Wen Xueqiong and Zhang Chuanji, were present at the meeting.  


At the conference, two feature programs, “Civilization is on the way and construction is onging” and “Focus on family education and tradition and cultivate national feelings”, were displayed and relevant departments exchanged experiences in construction of civilized cities and family education and tradition construction work. 14 units submitted Liability statement of Fifth National Civilized City Creating Works in Dalian



Tan Zuojun fully affirmed in his speech that the work on pushing forward construction of civilized city and family education and tradition. He pointed out that, series of important speeches of President Xi on establishing national civilized cities and enhancing family education and tradition since 18th Session of National Congress of CPC, provided powerful philosophy weapons and action guidelines for relevant works. Tan required that relevant departments should deeply learn the spirit of the speeches and should be fully aware of the fact that establishing civilized city is concrete practice of implementing new development concepts and requirements as well as an important measures to improve municipal comprehensive strength; enhancing family education and tradition is important content of constructing a civilized city and necessary requirements for creating a favorable social atmosphere. In addition, Tan stressed that efforts should be made to construct national civilized city and family education and tradition, and unify effectively thoughts and actions with the requirements of central government and provincial Party Committee.


Relevant departments are required to enrich the citizens’ cultural life, improve the city’s cultural taste and connotation, create an international business environment and highlight the unique quality of Dalian. Furthermore, efforts should be made to rectify problems that influence city appearance, protect the ecological and coastal environment, vigorously carry forward the healthy social atmosphere and create a favorable social environment for the construction of civilized city.



Tan also pointed out that this year is the ending year of the new round of establishing national civilized cities. Currently, some problems and weak links still exist in relevant work. Relevant departments should stick to problem-orientation and form a good working style of addressing problems immediately after research and analysis. Principal leaders should in person guide on-site work, make task lists, responsibility lists as well as problem lists and timely solve problems by way of special supervision, random inspection and specific interviews.  


Tan Zuojun also required relevant departments to enhance family education and tradition, carry forward fine traditional Chinese culture, guide family members to integrate family dreams into national dreams, practice theme activities and set good examples for the construction of family education and tradition.


Xiao Shengfeng stressed that each department and unit should take immediate action and cooperate with each other for the construction of national civilized city, stick to problem-orientation with focus on key and difficult problems in infrastructure and management and mobilize citizens to take an active part in relevant work for a harmonious and attractive Dalian that highlights ideological connotation and moral requirement and integrates the shaping of city civilization with the forming of family moral.



Over 570 people were present at the conference, including people in charge of each accountability unit, heads of each county and district, representatives of civilization units at all levels, model workers, community workers, excellent volunteers and headmasters of primary and secondary schools.