Lushunkou district holds the work conference on the deployment of creating the National Civilized City

On July 27, Lushunkou district held the work conference on the deployment of creating the National Civilized City, specifying the on-the-spot investigation’s contents and standards of the recheck in creating the National Civilized City and ensuring the completion of the working tasks of the recheck in Lushun. Zhou Liangzhong, member of the Standing Committee of Lushunkou District Party Committee and minister of the Party Committee Propaganda Department, attended the conference.


Lushunkou district Civilization Office made detailed deployment on the recheck work of creating the National Civilized City. The responsibilities and missions of36 organizations, 31 categories of items and 278 check standards involved in the work have been implemented and decomposed.


Zhou pointed out that the significant meaning of creating the National Civilized City should be understood from the perspective of politics. Dalian is awarded the title of the National Civilized City for 4 times, which embodies Dalian’s economy and spiritual civilization. Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Government pay high attention to the 5th recheck of the National Civilized City and send out the call of “creating the National Civilized City with all-out efforts of the whole city”. Thus, all departments should accomplish the work from the perspective of politics. Zhou addressed that all departments should understand the working tasks of the National Civilized City and shoulder their responsibilities. The relevant departments should initiatively undertake tasks with good indicators and implement responsibilities. The coordination departments and management departments should coordinate the implementation the responsibilities. The creation work should be accomplished with joint efforts in accordance with the national assessment standard.