Lushunkou district holds the 33rd Standing Committee(Enlarged) Conference of the 15th District Party Committee

On July 28, Lushunkou district Party Committee held the 33rd Standing Committee (Enlarged) Conference of the 15th District Party Committee, conveying the spirit of the 3rd Plenary Session of the 12th Dalian Municipal Committee. Yi Qingtao, secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee, presided over the conference. The attendees included all the leading groups of Lushunkou district, the leaders of Lushun Economic Development Zone Party working committee, the Party working committee of each street, all the ministries and commissions of Lushunkou District Party Committee and leading Party member groups of Lushunkou district, and the persons in charge of relevant units.



Li Jun, deputy secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee and mayor of Lushunkou district, conveyed the spirit of the speech delivered by Tan Zuojun, secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, on the 3rd Plenary Session of the 12th Dalian Municipal Committee. Tan urged to focus on the following 9 aspects to guarantee the accomplishment of the full-year targets. First, according to the overall arrangement of President Xi Jinping’s speeches, the spirit should be implemented in Dalian. Second, the discussions on emancipating our minds should be carried out to make a long-term plan for Dalian’s rejuvenation and development. Third, the keynote of seeking improvement in stability should be insisted on to keep the momentum of the stable and improved economy. Fourth, the self-dependent innovation ability should be enhanced to build the center of innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital investment of Northeast Asia. Fifth, deepening reform should be strengthened to motivate the rejuvenation and development vitality. Sixth, opening up to the outside world should be boosted to promote the urban competitiveness. Seventh, the social governance should be innovated to maintain harmony and stability. Eighth, people’s livelihood should be improved to improve the welfare of the masses. Ninth, the publicityof ideology and culture should be enhanced to gather positive energy of promoting rejuvenation and development.


Yi addressed that Lushunkou district should implement the spirit of the plenary session. With the lead of all the members of the standing committee and district leaders, in accordance with the requirements of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, the work in the second half year should be restudied, redeployed and implemented again. The comrades of each Party committee, Party working committee and leading Party member group should hold special conferences, conveying the spirit of the plenary session of municipal Party committee and the requirements of the standing committee (enlarged) conference of Lushunkou District Party Committee. The thoughts and actions should be unified in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the plenary session of municipal Party committee. The 6th Plenary Session of the 15th Lushunkou District Party Committee should be arranged well and the spirit of the 3rd Plenary Session of the 12th Dalian Municipal Party Committee should be fully implemented. The work in the first half year will be summarized and the existing problems will be analyzed. The work of the second half year will be deployed and the current key work will be focused on. The Party organizations at all levels should further improve the sense of responsibility and urgency and spare no effort to promote steady growth and reform, adjust structure, benefit people’s livelihood, and prevent risks with strong sense of responsibility.