Lushun Association of Industry and Commerce visits reserve officers and soldiers in private enterprises on the eve of August 1

On the eve of August 1, the cadres of Lushun Association of Industry and Commerce came to Dalian Huanyou Canned Pump Co., LTD. to express their sincere solicitude to front-line reserve officers and soldiers, present materials for heatstroke prevention and hold an informal discussion.



In 2014, Lushun Association of Industry and Commerce drafted 55 eligible entrepreneurs and employees from the member companies into reserve service and formed a reserve company of private enterprises. For years, reserve officers and soldiers have actively participated in reserve training and received regular management, which have achieved good results. District Association hoped that enterprises could support the reserve service, ensure the required training of reservists and their treatment during the training period. Meanwhile, enterprises were expected to seize the opportunity of civil-military integration, accelerate the transformation, create new ways to develop civil-military integration and promote the healthy development of the non-public sector of the economy in our district.



Zhou Shouheng, representative of reserve enterprises, said in the discussion that they would continue to care for reservists and support reserve training in line with the characteristics of private enterprises. In addition, enterprises should also strengthen military cooperation in different fields, give full play to their own advantages, strive to be the vanguard in scientific research, production and maintenance of military products and contribute to economic development and national defense construction.