A military parade review at Zhurihe base marks the the PLA's 90th anniversary.

On the morning of July 30, Zhurihe training base observed the grand military parade in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, President of the Central Military Commission, attended the parade.



The grassland of the summer distinguished its land and sky, while the fiery battlefield chimed its horns and drums. In the front of the reviewing stand stood eye-catching words of "1927-2017". 12,000 officers and more than 600 vehicles with equipment were gathered and arrayed, standing as firm as the Great Wall made of steel. Over 100 fighters were organized into teams at six airports. This was the first time that China commemorated the Army Day, which fell on Aug. 1, with a military parade since the founding of New China in 1949. And this parade was the military training of field battle and actual battle for the battlefield soldiers, as well as a new appearance of the people's military after its integral and revolutionary change.



The parade began at 9 o’clock when the Five-Star Red Flag was slowly raised and the audience sang the national anthem in unison. Xi Jinping boarded the review car and arrived at the parade road. Han Weiguo, commander in chief of the parade and commander of the central theater, reported that the troops were ready for review. Xi Jinping gave the order to begin the review.



With the passionate parade, Xi Jinping reviewed formations of flag guards, soldiers, and vehicles with equipment in turns. “Salute to you, comrades!” “Comrades, thanks for your hard work!" Xi Jinping expressed cordial greetings to the troops and the officers replied loudly: “Hail to you, chairman!" “Serve the people!” When Xi Jinping was returning to the reviewing stand by car, the officers and soldiers shouted in unison: “Follow the Party! Fight to win! Forge exemplary conduct!” The formation was firm as a mountain and the slogans waved like the tide.



The party flag was followed by the army flag, which surrounded and protected the national flag. Formation of flag guards approached slowly, starting the march of the parade. The flag of the Communist Party of China, the flag of the People's Republic of China, and the flag of the Chinese People's Liberation Army were fluttering in the wind under the protection of more than 200 officers and soldiers.



Huge roar came closer and closer. 41 helicopters made up the sign of"八一(Aug. 1)" and the figure of "90", and flew over the reviewing stand, symbolizing that the Chinese People's Liberation Army has gone through a glorious history of 90 years.



The armor rushed, and the war hawk howled. A total of 9 combat groups composed of 34 ground formations and helicopter echelon passed the reviewing stand in turn, including combat groups of land operations, information operations, special operations, air and missile defense, naval operations, air operations, comprehensive support, counter-terrorism and stability maintenance, and strategic strikes. This parade embodies the latest achievements of Chinese national defense and military modernization as nearly half of the reviewed equipment made their first appearance.



After being reviewed, the troops gathered quickly to the opposite of reviewing stand. The regathered troops were like a solid iron flow across the front.



At 10 o'clock, Xi Jinping delivered an important speech. He pointed out that, 90 years ago, a gunshot heard from the city of Nanchang pronounced the birth of the new model of the people's army led by the Communist Party of China. In the past nine decades, the PLA has held high the banner of the Party, while rooted firmly on the ground of the nation. In carrying the aspirations of the Chinese people, they have fought bravely and shed blood, marched forward, triumphed over all enemies, tackled all difficulties in order to advance the dignity, prosperity and strength of the Chinese people. The PLA is a heroic military force, loyal to the Party and loyal to the country. It is a military force that strives for the cause of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



Xi Jinping stressed that being able to enjoy peace was a blessing for the people and it was the responsibility of the PLA to protect it. The world is not entirely peaceful and peace needs to be safeguarded. Today, we are closer than any other period in history to the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. And we need, more than any other period in history, to build a strong military force. We must fully implement the strong military philosophy as set forth by the Party, walk unswervingly on the path of building the strong military with Chinese characteristics, and strive toward the Party's strong military goal under the new circumstances, and build our heroic military force into a world-class one.



Xi Jinping called on the army and soldiers to unswervingly follow the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of China, listen to the directions set by the Party and follow its command. Wherever the Party points, the army and soldiers shall go to battle. The army and soldiers should always follow the basic principle of serving the people whole-heartedly, forever standing with the people, keeping the people in their minds and hearts. The army should be an army of the people and for the people. And the army and soldiers should see their capacity for combat as the sole standard for self-measurement, focus on combat readiness, and build themselves into an elite force that is ready for action and victory at all times. Also, the army and soldiers should carry out unswervingly the building of a solid political foundation of the military, military reforms, technological development, and law-based administration in order to comprehensively modernize our national defense and military force.



Xi Jinping pointed out that he firmly believed that our heroic military has both the confidence and capability to defeat all intruders, that our military has the confidence and capability to safeguard our national sovereignty, security and development, that our military has the confidence and capability to write a new chapter in the building of a strong military, and make new and greater contributions toward the realization of the Two Centenary Goals, the China Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and safeguarding world peace.



Xi Jinping's important speech won the audience’ thunderous applause for a long time.



Fan Changlong, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, hosted the parade. A total of almost 240 viewers attended the parade, including Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang, Members of Central Military Commission Chang Wanquan, Fang Fenghui, Zhang Yang, Zhao Keishi, Zhang Youxia, Wu Shengli, Ma Xiaotian, Wei Fenghe, and representatives from every theaters, all the arms and services, the military organs and departments, the Military Academy of Sciences, National Defense University, National University of Defense Technology, and the armed police force, etc.