Lushunkou Economic Development Zone pushes forward the implementation of voluntary work

Taking the establishment of “voluntary service demonstration project” as a carrier, Lushunkou Economic Zone has organized and carried out omnibearing and multilevel voluntary work in this year, establishing a normalized mechanism of voluntary work with the characteristics of “normalization, institutionalization, elaboration and projectization”.



In order to ensure the long-term and sustainable development of voluntary work, Lushunkou Economic Development Zone further improves the system of voluntary service, expand the team of voluntary service, enrich the service content, and improve service effectiveness. In accordance with the principle of facilitating service and management, the zone has guided Haihua community and Dapanjia village to build workstations of voluntary work in advance and also complete the working mechanism of volunteers, including registration, recruitment, management, training, project release, service record, and reward incentive. Except for regularly organizing and carrying out activities, the workstations also guide the construction of the voluntary service teams of the stations and circumjacent departments. All villages and communities are expected to carry out more than one activity every month and more than 12 times of voluntary service throughout the whole year relying on the workstations.



Additionally, based on the fact that the population of immigrants, migrants’ children and empty-nest elderly is large, the zone has invited professionals to train and supervise the volunteers, the contents of which include nursing care for the aged, psychological counseling for migrants’ children, medical treatment, and housekeeping service. Meanwhile, the departments and associations have played a role in organizing and carrying out grass-roots activities of culture, legislation and hygienic knowledge. Based on the current resources, all villages and communities have organized cultural volunteers to popularize mass bodybuilding exercise, and have also organized the training of calligraphy, painting, photography, and chorus, aiming to enhance service skills and quality of volunteers and the residents’ participation.



Under the influence of “voluntary service demonstration project”, all departments of voluntary service have established brands with their own characteristics. More than 10 brands have been continually  promoted, including “help the poor and love the development zone”, “environmental protection and colorful homeland”, “harmonious buildings and neighborhood”, “scented ink and the harmonious development zone”, and “benefit the people and the happy development zone”. The influence and participation of the activities have been expanded. The zone will mobilize and guide more communities residents, enterprises workers, and social organizations to join the volunteer teams and take part in all kinds of voluntary activities.