The leaders of Lushunkou District visit and condole the garrison troops before August 1

On July 26, the leaders of Lushunkou District including Yi Qingtao, Huang Jian, Li Jun, Shan Juning, Han Ying and Guo Jing respectively visited the garrison troops to express their festivals greetings and good wishes to the garrison officers on behalf of the district government and the people of the whole region.



Yi Qingtao, party secretary of Lushunkou District, introduced the district’s achievements in economic construction, industrial and agricultural production and social development to the head of the army. He said that those achievements could not be achieved without the support of the troops. Also, the growth and progress of the troops can be felt and he was proud of the achievements of the troops. It was hoped that the military and the district could keep close cooperation and relationship in the future. The district commitee and government would continue to carry forward the excellent tradition of supporting the army and giving preferential treatment to the families of the army man and martyrs, go all out to care and support national defense and army building, and make positive efforts to promote the common development of the military and the region.



The head of the army first showed his appreciation to the leaders of Lushunkou District for their concern for the troops, and their help in troops’ children’s education, families' employment and the construction of the troops. They would, as always, sustain local economic construction, support local party committees and governments to make contributions to their second hometown.