Zhuanghe City makes adequate preparation to welcome freshmen

On the afternoon of July 21, the dispatching meeting for Zhuanghe college town project was held in the No. 639 meeting room of Zhuanghe Municipal Government. Mayor Zhao Yongbo delivered a speech at the meeting which was presided over by Li Damin,  standing member of the municipal Party committee, deputy executive director of management committee, and deputy Party secretary of Yellow Sea Economic Zone in North Dalian, and leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting.



Started in the second half of 2014, Zhuanghe college town project covers an area of 770 acres and can accommodate more than 8,000 students. By July this year, the construction of teaching facilities of the first phase has been completed and is ready to be used. At the meeting, departments of land and public security reported the problems in the college town project and the people in charge of the design department of management committee of Yellow Sea Economic Zone in North Dalian introduced the advancement of college town project and the overall arrangements for the next step.



Zhao Yongbo said that Zhuanghe college town would welcome the first batch of freshmen, which draws great attention from the society. It is necessary to make full use of the last month before the new semester and make adequate preparation for freshmen welcoming and the construction of the second phase of the project.



Zhao Yongbo required all departments and units to make full preparation, perform their duties and address gaps in a responsible and urgent spirit to ensure freshmen’s smooth enrollment, comfortable accommodation, and happy and efficient learning. Green channel should be opened, the advantage of experience should be given full play for freshmen welcoming, and hardware and living facilities should be accessible. The quality of development, teaching, construction and management of Zhuanghe should be enhanced through this opportunity to attract more and better elements, industries, talents and capital projects to Zhuanghe.



Zhao Yongbo made specific arrangements for work in freshmen enrollment, supporting facilities in campus, campus management, relocation, introduction of talent, publicity, etc. at the meeting.