Lushunkou District convened 2017 working conference on flood control and drought relief

On July 25, 2017 working conference on flood control and drought relief was held in Lushunkou District. Xia Deyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Lushunkou District Party Committee and deputy mayor, attended the conference and delivered a speech.



During the meeting, Chen Youbao, director of Lushunkou District Meteorological Bureau, reported the 2017 climate prediction. Han Yiting, deputy director of Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources of Lushunkou District reported preparation on flood control and drought relief, and deployed 2017 working tasks.



Xia Deyong stressed that efforts should be made to have a clear picture of situation, improve the responsibility of flood control and drought relief work, grasp the initiative in preventing and reducing disasters, win the battle of flood control and disaster reduction, and do well in the water reserves during the drought relief so as to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.



Xia also required that accountability of flood control and drought relief should be implemented by having work, problems and responsibilities traceable. The emergency operation of flood control and drought relief should be fully guaranteed by perfecting contingency plans, storing enough material reserve and improving professional team emergency capacity. The prevention on key parts in flood season should be highlighted by focusing on reservoirs, main rivers, tailing ponds, urban low-lying areas, geological hazard-prone areas and typhoon resistance in marine fishery. The drought relief should be done well by holding the bottom line to ensure drinking water safety for people and animals as well as grasping the key points to ensure water supply for facility agriculture, fruit trees and vegetables in critical growth period.