The construction of the underground passage of Dalian Jiaotong University is completed ahead of schedule

As a civil air-defense project, the construction of the underground passage of Dalian Jiaotong University was completed ahead of schedule a few days ago, ready for acceptance check.



The project is located in the intersection of Xifa Road and Jinchang Street of Dalian Lushun Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 3921 square meters with a construction area of 4000 square meters. It has a Level 6 proof against nuclear and conventional weapons and a C-level proof against of chemical weapons.



As it is the first underground civil air-defense project, it is constructed in accordance with the overall principle of civil air-defense work with dual-utilization of peacetime and wartime and social benefits and economic benefits are all taken into account on condition of ensuring war-preparedness benefits. Commercial buildings of nearly 900 square meters can offer more than 100 jobs. What’s more, the completion of the project can not only ease traffic pressure around but also provide convenience for the students and teachers of nearby colleges and universities and residents.



During the construction of the project, the traffic of this area has been affected, which brought inconveniences for the students and residents nearby. In order to increase the work efficiency, the builders carried out the project on the basis of time nodes and completed it more than 40 days ahead of schedule with guaranteed quality under full cooperation and all-out efforts. The pipelines of electric power, communications, rainwater, sewage, and fuel gas have been recovered by now. The recovery work of road surface is underway, making full preparation for opening for traffic as soon as possible.