Lushunkou District takes five measures for flood control and disaster reduction

With the coming of main flood season, Lushunkou District takes the following five measures for flood control and disaster reduction to ensure safety during flood season.



The first is to stress responsibility specification. Organization, leadership and the responsibility of main leaders, responsible places, departments and staff of reservoirs are strengthened by making adjustment on the members of the district flood prevention office, organizing special meetings, signing responsibility contracts, making the Working Plan for the Implementation of System of Head of Rivers and Reservoirs in Lushunkou District, and publicizing the name list of the 20 reservoirs in the district.



The second is to strengthen hidden danger inspection. The district flood prevention office sets up flood control inspection team and strengthens inspection on key places like mountain landside prone area, key reservoirs and dams, dangerous parts of river channels and urban low-lying area in a strict and careful way to resolutely eliminate hidden dangers in safety.



The third is to highlight personnel and materials. The district has set up 27,701-person flood control and rescue teams, reserved 193 excavators and machines, 110,000 woven bags and 679 life jackets, which are worthy of 7,649,700 yuan to make preparation in advance and relief flood timely.



The fourth is to enhance management. Lushunkou District has made emergency plan for flood control and drought relief, the program for flood control and drought relief in streets and the emergency plan for mountain flood and strengthened the work on emergency drills and early warning.



The fifth is to highlight on duty system. The on-duty system, information report, and the system of leaders taking charge of shift, and 24-hour shift system have been highlighted to ensure smooth communication. All duty officers should hold positions and make great efforts for flood prevention and disaster reduction so as to guarantee solid and healthy development of economy and society.