Lushun Museum puts on “Legendary life: Exhibition of Artifacts from Fu Hao’s Tomb of Yin Ruins

On July 18, “Legendary life: Exhibition of Artifacts from Fu Hao’s Tomb of Yin Ruins”, co-hosted by Lushun Museum and Institute of Archaeology-Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, opened in Lushun Museum.



The exhibition of Fu Hao’s tomb of Yin ruins won the award of Top Ten Exhibitions in China and was widely praised. Thus, Lushun Museum introduced the exhibition as the important content of “centennial museum”. The exhibition was also the fifth centennial exhibition.



Fu Hao was a legendary woman who lived in Yin and Shang Dynasty with many identities. She was the wife of King Wu Ding in Shang Dynasty. Many stories about her were recorded in oracle inscriptions. She was the first female general well documented in Chinese history as well as the most reliable priestess of Wu Ding. Lushun Museum selected more than 400 high-quality relics from Fu Hao’s tomb and put on the exhibition to display the heroine’s legendary life. The visitors could better understand the development of Chinese civilization through an ancient capital, a dynasty and an era presented by the tomb.



In order to fully understand the exhibition, Lushun Museum also invited the specialists from Institute of Archaeology of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to the “Dalian Relics and Museology Forum” on the opening day of the exhibition. They thoroughly interpreted the related knowledge of the unearthed relics in Fu Hao’s tomb. The exhibition will last until October 15.