Municipal Tourism Delegation to Japan has a Fruitful Trip

From July 12 to 17, Dalian municipal tourism delegation led by Lu Lin, member of Municipal Standing Committee and deputy mayor, visited Japan for tourism promotion. During their stay in Japan, the delegation visited Toshihiro Nikai, Director-General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. They attended the 20th Japan's Kitamaebune Mooring Port Forum Conference in Okayama and contacted and negotiated with associations and companies in  tourism industry such as Travel Industry Association of Japan, All Japan Association of Travel, Japan Airlines, Japan Traveling , HIS, Dragon Travel Agency and so on. They also investigated Japanese Ryokan and other tourism projects, discussed Japanese agencies opening offices in Liaoning Dalian Free Trade Area, making a series of achievements.



Dalian signed a memorandum with Kitamaebune Mooring Port Forum that the forum will be held in Dalian during Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs next year. On occasions of the 20th anniversary of the opening of Dalian route from Japan and the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, this year Japan Airlines will organize a charter flight to Dalian for celebration. Japan's top few tourism companies have already begun to launch Dalian tourism products and organize more Japanese tourists to travel to Dalian. Next year, the number of Japanese tourists during Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs will score a substantial increase, boosting the rapid growth of inbound tourists in Dalian.