Luo Dongsheng attends Malaysia-Dalian economic and trade cooperation conference

Yesterday, Dalianeconomic and tradedelegation held Malaysia-Dalian economic and trade cooperation conference in Kuala Lumpur. Xiao Shengfeng, mayor of Dalian, had a face-to-face communication with people from industrial and commercial circles of Malaysia. He introduced the advantagesin science and technology, industry, humanity, nature and policyof Dalian. He also introduced the construction of China (Dalian) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Area. Xiao Shengfeng hoped that the new and old friends can come to Dalian regularly to find new opportunities for mutual development and createnew glories. Shi Ziming, commercial counselor and ambassador toMalaysia, Dato’Sri Huang Jiaquan, secretary general of Malaysia-China Association and the second minister of MalaysiaMinistryof International Trade and Industry, Dato Lin Hengyi, deputy president ofMalaysia-China Chamber of Commerce and deputy executive chairman of “the Belt and Road” Center, and Li Xingyu, executive director of Social And Economic Research Center, were invited to attend the conference and deliver speeches.

The conference raised great concern of government sectors, related to industry organizations and well-known enterprises from Malaysia. The executives form more than 60 departments, associations and enterprises, including Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia, Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, Association ofsmall and medium-scale industries, Association of Auto Industry, Malaysia-China Friendship Association, Association of Chinese Tourism, Port Klang Free Trade Zone Group, Genting Group, NBC Group, BONIA Group and SHC Group.

During the conference, the attendees watched the advertising video of Dalian. Xiao Shengfeng delivered a warm speechto introduce the development situation of Dalian society and economy. He said that the  economic globalization, investment liberalization, trade facilitation and information internationalization have become irresistibletrends. “The  Belt And Road” strategyproposed by China has become a significant policy to promotecooperation and mutual benefits. Malaysia is an important nodealong the line of “TheBelt And Road”and important power of the construction of “TheBelt AndRoad”. The visit of Dalian delegation aims to deepen mutual understanding, promote friendship and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. We hope that we can further strengthenexchanges in commerce and trade, port and shipping, infrastructure construction, tourism and advanced manufacturing industry with Malaysia business circles.

The words of Xiao Shengfeng struck a chord with the participants.Many people from Malaysia business circles carried out deep communication with Dalian delegation in investment projects and specific policies. During the conference, the person in charge of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce also introduced economic situation, investment environment and opportunities of Malaysia. More Dalian enterprises were expected to come to Malaysia for investment and development, aiming to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.