Experts direct the construction of sponge city in Zhuanghe

On July 12, experts from Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering And Architecture, and Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design gathered at Beijing Yinglongyuan Hotel and conducted the inquiry and guidance on the technical routes of PPP project of sponge city of Zhuanghe. Liu Shengdong, vice mayor of Zhuanghe and other major principals from Zhuanghe sponge city office, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Northwest Design Institute of Municipal Engineering attended the meeting. Zhuanghe sponge city pilot tasks contain 122 engineering projects, of which 41 projects will be integrated into one project and will be constructed in PPP model. At the meeting, concerning on the technical route of PPP project in Zhuanghe sponge city, Northwest Design Institute of Municipal Engineering introduced and analyzed the present situation, overall goals and construction demands, and sought guidance. The  experts present gave the all-dimensional and multi-perspective advice on the water quality restoration of the rivers of Xiaosihe, Zhuanghe and Baomahe, sponge city construction highlights, design scheme refinement and technology innovation. Experts said that they would spare no effort to give advice and support to the construction of Zhuanghe sponge city.