Hao Ming attends Dalian’s campaign for publicizing knowledge of emergency safety in schools in 2017

The “To be the Master of Safety Knowledge”, a campaign for publicizing knowledge about emergency safety in schools was organized yesterday in Dalian No. 44 Middle School. The campaign held by Dalian Emergency Response Office was attended by Hao Ming.



About 500 teachers and students from 23 primary schools in Zhongshan District participated in the campaign and watched wonderful shows by many primary school teams. The students learned knowledge about emergency safety through interesting interactions and quizes. According to the head of Dalian Emergency Response Office, a blockade breaking game about emergency safety called “Adventure of Safety Galaxy” is developed and showed on the WeChat platform of the office to make safety knowledge learning more interesting. The game covers knowledge in safety at home, at school and on the road, and prevention of drowning and abduction, etc., thus winning praise from parents and teachers.



It is said that the campaign for advocating knowledge about emergency safety in schools is the first of the series of activities organized by Dalian Emergency Response Office. The office is to organize series of campaigns in Jinpu New Area and Dashan Village, High-tec Zone to better popularize the knowledge of emergency safety.