Bike-sharing runs smoothly in Lushunkou District

Since the use of Mobike in April 16th, bike-sharing, as a new measure of supply-side structural reform in public transportation, makes Lushunkou District the first in the northeast China possess it, which not only solved "last mile" for people, but also influenced their lifestyle for its convenience and environmental friendliness.



Since the launch of bike-sharing in Lushunkou District, the number of public bikes increased from 4000 to 5000, and there are nearly 300 parking stations, 200,000 registered users, 4000 bicycles for daily operation on average, and about 7 times per bike on average for daily use. Under the guidance of  "Internet plus new technology", bike-sharing set up a new way for public transportation, and it makes biking a scene in our society. “Bike-sharing is convenient and environmentally friendly to supplement the limitation of buses. It provides a new method for the construction of ‘Smart City’.” said a resident.