A delegation from Enschede visits Hengshan Temple in Dalian

In the morning of June 29, Karin Wenhegen, wife of the mayor of Enschede, who was invited by Dalian Mayor Xiao shengfeng to attend the Summer Davos Forum, visited Hengshan Temple with the staff. Shi Yinjing, abbot of the temple, showed the great warmth and hospitality to the delegation. The comrades from sectors of municipal and district religious affairs  also attended the reception.



The delegation, accompanied by the abbot, went upstairs along the steps and successively visited the Hall of Three-Door, the Hall of Heavenly Kings and the Hall of Avalokitesvara. Besides, the master gave a brief but careful introduction about the overall conditions of the temple, history of Chinese Buddhism and Buddhism culture. At noon, the temple prepared Buddhist cuisine with profound implications of “perfect” for the delegation, demonstrating the unique culture of Buddhist cuisine there. In the communication, the Lady Mayoress showed great interest in Buddhism Culture and expressed gratitude for the hospitality. She said that she would like to strengthen the cultural communication between Dalian and Enschede and contribute to promoting the cultural exchange between China and Netherlands.



The Municipal Bureau of Religious Affairs will continue to support the religious circle to make full use of its advantages, build more distinctive religious venues and play an important role in promoting Dalian’s friendly exchanges with the outside world.