A research group of the NPC Standing Committee comes to Dalian for investigating ethnic work

From June 30 to July 2, a research group, led by Qiangba Puncog, vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, launched a special investigation on urban national work and socioeconomic status of ethnic townships in Dalian. Li Jingtian, member of NPC Standing Committee and chairman of National Committee of NPC, attended the investigation. On July 2, Tan Zuojun, member of Liaoning Provincial Party Standing Committee and secretary of municipal Party committee, met with the research group. Zhou Zhongxuan, deputy director of Standing Committee of Provincial People’s Congress, Li Jingrui, director of the Municipal People's Congress, Qu Xiaofei, vice director of the Municipal People's Congress, Wen Xueqiong, vice mayor of Dalian, and Liu Xiaobin, general secretary  of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, accompanied to make the investigation.



Dalian is a typical city with intermingled and scattered minority groups. There are 55 ethnic minorities in Dalian, with 445 thousand  residents, accounting for 6.4% of the total population of the city. In addition, Dalian is the only specifically designated city which possesses ethnic townships. At present, there are 4 ethnic townships, 7 towns and streets enjoying the privilege of ethnic townships and 76 ethnic villages. In recent years, under the strong leadership of municipal committee and government as well as the supervision and support of municipal people's congress, Dalian has fully carried out the ethnic policies, the spirit of the important speeches of general secretary Xi Jinping and of the central ethnic work conferences. The government firmly grasps the theme of“mutual solidarity and work, mutual prosperity and development”in ethnic work, and continues to implement Regulations on urban Ethnic Work and Regulations on the Administrative Work of the Ethnic Township. Progressive ethnic activities are held to fully protect the rights and interests of minority groups and support their economic development. Tough efforts are made to maintain national unity and social harmony. The government has made great progress in ethnic work.



The research group went to Taiping Manchu Village and Taling Town of Zhuanghe that enjoys the privilege of township to investigate the agricultural development and the construction of modern industrial park. The research group also encouraged the minority entrepreneurs to play an active role in putting forward the socioeconomic development. When visiting Dalian No.20 Senior High School and Dalian Minzu University, the research group gave high regards for these two schools as they integrated the excellent traditional culture with daily teaching and built the campus with characteristic national culture. When going to Shengli Community, which is located in Renmin Square Street of Xigang District, the research group thought highly of their work. The community innovated the working methods, paid attention to the specialty of ethnic minority and largely enriched their cultural life. Meanwhile, the research group expected the community to provide better service in order to further consolidate and develop the prospects of national solidarity and cooperation and build a harmonious community. In the 365 Migrants Service Center, the research group made a detailed investigation on the service and management of minority fluid population and encouraged the staff to provide more employment information and better legal advice for the minority migrants.