Lushunkou District promotes the typhoon and flood prevention to ensure the safety of the whole districtduring the flood season

Focusing on reinforcing the water conservancy facilities, dredging the riverways and implementing the typhoon and flood prevention at sea,Lushunkou District actively carried out flood control and drought relief andenhanced the team construction of flood prevention, so as to ensure the safety of the whole districtduring the flood season.



At present, Lushunkou District holds more than 30 reservoirs, over 120 ponds and nearly 200 rivers. In order to ensure the safety of these facilities during the flood season, the agricultural water conservancy departments of Lushunkou District speared no effort to reinforce the reservoirs and pond dams, dredge the riverways, and set the scene for flood prevention. Also, Lushunkou District speeded up the construction of reservoiremergency rescue project, examined and approved four reservoiremergency rescue projects including Dadong Reservoir, Tieshanjia Reservoir, Qujia Reservoir and Chuangye Reservoir. All these four project funds were practiced for the rehabilitation work.In the whole district, over 80 riverways were dredged and nearly 150,000 tons of various garbage were erased to ensure a smooth flow for successfully draining off floodwaters. On the other hand, the flood control and drought relief responsibility system was implemented comprehensively, and the administrative persons, technical persons, rescue persons, guarding persons who were responsible for the reservoirs, important riverways, areas where mountain torrent disasters could easily happen, critical river areas, urban area, typhoon prevention in fishery, critical economic zones and important schools were registered. Currently, Lushunkou District has implemented the material reserves of flood prevention and construction of rescue team. Relevant flood-fighting materials were reserved and registered in the flood prevention center, urban area and every street involving in agriculture.



Lushunkou District promoted the construction of rescue team and the flood control and drought relief headquarters established a professional flood prevention team of over 30 people. Also, emergency mobile units were set up in Lushun Development Zone and every street.Three emergency rescue teams consisting of over 50 people were established in Lushun urban area. The Marine Fishery Department and all the 11 fishing pots in the district set up their maritime rescueemergency teams, implemented the emergency exercises for typhoon and flood prevention and maritime rescue, and enhanced their abilities of emergency rescue to ensure the safety of people's ives and property.