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2017 Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents opens

Yesterday, 2017 Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents starts at Dalian World Expo Center. Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Shi Dinghuan, former counsellor of the State Council, former member of the Party group of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and president of the World Green Design Organization, attended the opening ceremony. Zhang Zhihong, director of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Liu Qiang, vice governor of Liaoning province and Mayor Xiao Shengfeng delivered speeches. Li Jingrui, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Li Wancai, president of Dalian People’s Political Consultative Conference, also attended the opening ceremony. Yuan Keli, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive vice mayor, presided over the opening ceremony. Also present were leaders of Dalian, including Zhao Daguang, Xiong Boli, Li Pengyu and Liu Yan.



Zhang Zhihong said that General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of recognizing, cherishing, respecting and employing talents at the National Conference on Science and Technology Innovation. Due efforts should be made to find talents in the innovation practice, cultivate talents in innovation activities and gather talents in the innovative business so as to make full use of talents. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out at 2017 Summer Davos Forum that due efforts should be made to continuously increase involvements in innovation and entrepreneurship of the whole society and strengthen the social innovation and entrepreneurship so as to make more people change their lives. Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government and Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government pay high attention to the innovation and overseas talents back to work, thus releasing a series of policies to speed up innovation-driven development and creating the Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents as a platform to connect overseas students with the development of our country. Dalian will continue to support this campaign and provide wider space for the innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas students.



Liu Qiang said that the Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents has become an important information bridge and an emotional tie for Liaoning province and even the whole nation to connect with overseas students. As a result, a growing number of overseas students return with enthusiasm. At present, Liaoning is implementing a new round of revitalization plan of the old industrial bases, tightly integrating it into such significant national strategies as the Belt and Road construction and coordinating development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It undoubtedly provides overseas students with more opportunities for their innovation and entrepreneurship, for their talents and for their service of the country. More active, open and effective talent recruit policies will be introduced to welcome talents coming to Liaoning for their innovation and entrepreneurship.



On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Xiao Shengfeng welcomed overseas students to attend 2017 Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents. He said, through this campaign, Dalian has invited over 3200 talents successively, created over 530 high-tech enterprises and accumulated more than 200 billion yuan wealth. The Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents has already become the important driving force for leading Dalian high-tech industrial development, improving the capacity of independent innovation and promoting industry transformation and upgrading. The deep implementation of the national strategy of rejuvenating the northeast, the construction of national demonstration area of independent innovation and the operation of the pilot free trade zone provide more favorable conditions for overseas students back home to develop their careers. The environmental, ecological and livable advantages release incentive in recruiting talents and building a comprehensive talent recruitment policies and system. The mass entrepreneurship and innovation have been integated into the national demonstration system of overall entrepreneurship and innovation, and Dalian has become the most attractive place for talents. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government comprehensively upgraded the plan of “overseas student entrepreneurship project” and created good environment for talent development. It’s the right time for overseas students to return home for entrepreneurship. Due efforts will also be made to continuously perfect talent service system, innovate talent favorable policies and build the best innovation and entrepreneurship environment so as to give the best service to more overseas students realizing their ambition in Dalian.



After the opening ceremony, Liu Qiang, Xiao Shengfeng and Liu Yan visited the works exhibition of 2017 “Mayor Cup” Dalian Industrial Design Competition.



It’s learned that this year’s Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents has the theme of “attracting talents for entrepreneurship in China” with four highlights. The first is wider influences. This event attracted 487 entrepreneurs from 27 countries and regions, including the US, Japan, Germany and the UK. During the Week, policy conferences will be held in 11 cities, including Beijing and Chongqing, to truly implement “rooting in Dalian and serving the whole nation”. The second is better projects. 347 talents attended the event with projects, mainly about such high-tech fields as AI, life science, IC, cloud computing and big data, new energy and new materials. Many projects successfully attracted attention from investers. The third is more prominent innovation. The talent participants have stronger innovation awareness and many projects have scientific patents. The fourth is more favorable policies. The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government strengthened the support on overseas students coming to Dalian for entrepreneurship. In addition to the existing policies, much more financial support will be provided and a support fund for projects at the ten-million-yuan level has been established.



This year’s Entrepreneurship Week for China’s Overseas Talents will last two days. The main activities include roadshows, professional forums, talent recruitment, the Investment Summit, and the Forum of Experts of the Western Returned Scholars Association.