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Implement supervision with political and overall awareness to give full play to role of supervision in promoting implementation

On July 6, Tan Zuojun, member of Provincial Standing Committee and secretary of Municipal Party Committee, came to the Party branch of the supervision room in municipal Party committee and gave lectures to Party members according to the requirements for Party building studies.



Tan Zuojun first came to No.3 Building of Bangchuidao Hotel and visited the memorial exhibition room of “Zhou Enlai in Dalian” with all Party members of the Party branch. From 1928 to 1973, Premier Zhou Enlai came to Dalian for 8 times and impressed all the masses with his distinguished feats, noble character and glorious personality. All Party members noted that efforts should be made to learn from Premier Zhou, regulate behaviors concerning thoughts, political belief, society, relatives and life, strengthen Party spirit cultivation and strive to be qualified Party members. Tan also payed for Party membership dues of July with other Party members.



Then Tan learnt the article titled Zhou Enlai’s View on Self Remoulding of CPC Members and digested the rich connotation and spiritual essence. Tan said that learning Zhou’s view on the need for long-term self remoulding means learning his firm belief and noble spirit of serving people. Thus, efforts should be made to firmly establish “four awarenesses”, enhance the ability of self-improvement with the standard of Party members and Party Constitution, be consistent with Party Central Committee led by Comrade Xi Jinping and safeguard the centralized authority and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee.



Tan stressed that the supervision work is the key part of Party work, serving as the needs for safeguarding the centralized authority of CPC, ensuring the practical execution of CPC, maintaining the Party's political discipline and taking the lead in Liaoning rejuvenation. Hence, supervision departments at all levels should learn and implement the relevant spirit and requirements of Xi Jinping, further enhance and improve inspection work with political and overall awareness to ensure the implementation and practical results of deployment made by Party Central Committee, Provincial and Municipal Party Committee.



Tan stressed that efforts should also be made to master the innovation methods and inspection key points, focus on major reform measures and livelihood projects, make innovations in working mode, conduct on-site investigation, learn the grassroots situation, listen to the appeals of the masses, insist on problem orientation, enhance the standardization of supervision work, improve the dynamic management system, make s task plan in a scientific manner and conduct joint efforts in supervision work with other departments.



Tan noted that due efforts should also be made to insist on loyalty, enhance political awareness, improve professional ability, establish the concept of serving the masses, handle well each livelihood affair to satisfy people’s need, carry forward the work style of practical hard work, hold the bottom line of incorruptible and honest behaviors and thus contribute more to the construction of “two pilot zones”.