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Jiaojinshan Street: promoting the work of the whole street in an orderly manner

On July 3, Jiaojinshan Street held the Director’s Office (Enlarged) Conference to arrange specific work. The leading group of Street Party Working Committee and all section chiefs attended the conference.

The conference listened to the report about supervision situation of June delivered by Office of Party and Government Affairs. Every department also reported the performance of June and new work arrangement of July. The head of each division commented on key work. The conference fully affirmed the results of past working performance.

The conference addressed that each work of the whole street should be finished meticulously, subtly and perseveringly.

The conference requested that the street should pay high attention to the work and achieve goals in terms of criterion, time, procedure, persons in charge, result and benefit. Each department should improve data base and key work, especially working process and institution, which should be finished in two days. The street should do a good job in evaluating Civilization Index. The responsibility subject of safety production should be implemented. The special supervision work on environmental petition cases should be carried out seriously. The case on heating equipment handled by Jincheng will be tracked. The information channels of letter and visit work should be broader and the reflection speed should be faster. The intelligent and intelligentized city management should be put into practice. The economic work should be finished according to time nodes and task nodes. The project construction should be highly valued.

The secretary of Street Party Working Committee shared the article “Be good to your work unit” with everyone. He encouraged everyone to continuously pursue higher self-position and cheer for others’ success. He hoped that everyone would respect others, work hard and cherish work unit to find happiness. The work style should be improved to satisfy the masses.