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Ganjingzi District Bureau of Urban Construction and Management conducts various activities to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the CPC

On the morning of June 30, grassroots Party branches of Ganjingzi District Bureau of Urban Construction and Management conducted Party-related activities to “keep in mind the fundamental principle of the CPC” including visiting Hero Memorial Park and Lushun Museum to cherish the memory of our revolutionary martyrs, enhance the education of Party members and foster the “July 1” atmosphere.

Since June, the Party Committee of District Bureau of Urban Construction and Management has been promoting the Party building studies to achieve normalization and institutionalization, thus conducting various commemorative activities like Party publicity by Party members and cadres, service day of Party members, resolving problems for communities by cadres and leaders, carrying out life meeting on “transforming work style and serving the masses”, reviewing the oath when joining the Party, etc.

During the activities, Party cadres and members at the section level in the Bureau set good examples to implement strictly the system of regular activities of an organization, participated in the life meeting on “transforming work style and serving the masses”, gave lectures on the normalization and institutionalization of Party building studies for organ Party members in light of their own experience and study notes, visited Party members and citizens in strained circumstances and investigated the solution to citizens’ appeal on urban construction. Currently, 6 cases of infrastructure maintenance and 2 cases of policy problem concerning “warm house” have been solved. Other appeals on road maintenance, footpath laying and manhole cover replacement are expected to be listed in “Timely Rain of City Planning” project this year.

The Party members of the Bureau put great efforts in the service day activity with the theme of “constructing a civilized hometown”. They helped 6 communities including Jinfeng Community of Jiaojinshan Street, Huazhen Community of Xinghua Street and Jinyu Community to conduct rectification on environment by cleaning up advertisements posted on the wall, flower beds, large waste in buildings and white garbage in green belt, distributing publicity materials on environment protection and advocating the further improvement of the civilization quality and social civilization, so as to foster the atmosphere of “living in the same city and loving our only family”.

The activities further enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of grassroots Party organizations and encouraged all Party members to keep in mind the original intentions and mission, establish the concept of serving the masses, improve the quality of urban construction and management, optimize business environment and devote themselves to the 96th anniversary of the CPC with practical efforts and contribute more to creating “the most favorable district for business within the northeast region”.