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Development and Reform Bureau of Lushunkou District makes efforts to enhance project approval efficiency and optimize business environment

Development and Reform Bureau of Lushunkou District earnestly implements the spirit of General General Xi and the arrangement of Lushunkou District Committee and Government and continuously enhances service capability so as to optimize business environment.

It is necessary to streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels and improve the efficiency of administrative examination and approval. The on-going administrative and non-administrative examination items need to be combed. The rights empowered by laws, regulations and legal departments can be reserved, while others could be merged,canceled or invalidated. Such information related to rights and responsibilities as administrative authority, legal basis, operation process and supervision methods should be publicized through media platforms to facilitate project units in online inquiry. The project approval process should be standardized and further explored to reduce approval processes and standardized approval, review and filing at minimum.

.Many regulations should be integrated into one. Since the start of the pilot project of “the integration of many regulations into one”, the Development and Reform Bureau of Lushunkou District has sped up reform in approval process, strengthened docking between government and project units, and promoted cooperation approval departments so as to save project units’ time spent in dealing with processes among Development and Reform Commission, Planning Department, Territory Department, and Environmental Protection Department and create an open, inclusive and mutually beneficial environment. The one-stop approval has been implemented. After the completion of the new  administrative service center, the Development and Reform Bureau of Lushunkou District began to deal with such business as consultation, acceptance, approval, service, etc. in the center so as to realize the one-stop approval of acceptance, approval and completion and optimize the business environment in Lushunkou District.