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Lushunkou District plans to construct a garden city, sponge city and smart city

In this year’s urban infrastructure construction, Lushunkou District with focus on strengthening ecological environment construction plans to construct a garden city, sponge city and smart city so as to improve living conditions and create an ecological and livable new urban area. 

Lushunkou District in accordance with the standards for main urban area and green economic zone constructs mountain park, lakeside park, riverside park and seaside park. The Chair Mountain Park and the Tahewan Seaside Park are reconstructed. The designing for Dachaokou Seaside Park and the construction of seaside plank road are started. The plank road, leisure square, and greening facilities have been built. The management of cleaning, hardening, greening, beautification, ordering and culture in new villages, and the construction of demonstration villages in Tieshan Wangjia Village and Shuishiying Xiaonan Village have been promoted. The renovation of Changjiang Road and the construction of such infrastructure as road and underground pipe gallery in new urban area have been sped up and the planning for the sponge city has been made. The Gold Ingot Boiler has been extended and the heat supply reformation completed. The installation of water supply in the last 24 villages has been promoted. The project of power transmission from Qianmu to Sanjianpu has been started. The docking of No. 202 light rail and subway in Dalian realizes the efficient transition between public and rail transportation, thus greatly facilitating people’s traveling. The new progress of internet work and the introduction of many network enterprises in the district promote the development of modern online office, online sales and e-commerce.

The level of urban and environment management has to be enhanced in accordance with the standards for Dalian main urban area in a normal and refined way. The responsibilities of various departments need to be specified. The focuses should be put on “dirty and messy”, urban and rural environment remediation, and parking management so as to promote the construction of a livable city in Lushunkou.