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Zhuanghe City holds a thematic exhibition of Chinese paintings for celebrating the founding of the Communist Party of China

On the morning of June 30, Zhuanghe City held a thematic exhibition of Chinese Paintings with theme of “building Chinese dreams and appreciating the charming Zhuanghe” at the Cultural Center to celebrate the 96th anniversary of the CPC.

It’s learned that this exhibition was organized by Zhuanghe Culture and Broadcasting Bureau and Zhuanghe Literary Federation and co-organized by Zhuanghe Cultural Center and Zhuanghe Artists Association, exhibiting 67 pieces of Chinese paintings created by enthusiasts. The pieces have wide subjects, novel intentions, clear themes and elegant characters. “Old Streets”, “Roadhouse” and “Fishermen on Island” fully demonstrate features and natural scenery of Zhuanghe City. All the contents reflect painters’ understanding of Chinese paintings, send the wishes to happy lives, show excellent painting skills and express the love to the nation, the people and the hometown. This exhibition will be open to citizens for free from June 30 to July 15.