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The export-import volume between the countries along the “B&R” and Dalian achieves a year-on-year growth of 37.1%

The construction of “the Belt and Road” has provided significant development opportunities to promote a new round of opening up and enhance communication and cooperation with countries along the Road. Dalian Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade follows the principle of the “B&R” to improve the level of opening up and build new patterns in overseas investment, so as to contract foreign projects and foreign trade.

As for overseas investment, 90 projects of the “B&R” from 21 countries were investigated by the end of 2016. The amount of Chinese capital reached $ 1.133 billion. The investment fields mainly included manufacturing industries, fishery industries, ocean shipping and import and export trade.

The officials in Dalian Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade said that Dalian further improves the construction of “B&R” and exports spare capacity to the countries along the “B&R”. The Bureau develops and enriches the Content of Dalian Economic and Trade Cooperation with the Countries along the “B&R”. The “going-out” joint conference system is established. The significant issues on plans, projects and policies are coordinated. The Bureau strengthens the centralized guidance and supports investment and capacity cooperation between Chinese enterprises and the countries along the “B&R” in infrastructures, manufacturing industries, agriculture, fishing and forestry industries, energy and science. The investment in foreign resources is expanded for promoting the enterprises to utilize foreign resources for the construction of resources supply and downstream fine machining bases. Privately-owned small and medium enterprises are guided to develop and start undertakings. Overseas investment cooperation among Dalian, Czech and Poland is improved. The first cross-border B2B e-commerce platform set up in Czech is promoted. The construction of cross-border e-businesses in Russia and the Czech will be completed.

Project tracking and enterprise training are enhanced to promote the construction of overseas cooperation projects. The key enterprises are taken as the leaders to set up overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, aiming to introduce industries, industrial chains and industrial integration to other countries and improve the efficiency of overseas investment. Banks, insurance and multiparty communication platforms are set up for “going out” enterprises. The training on risk prevention and control as well as financial services are conducted. Dalian foreign project contracting union will continue to play its role as a bridge to guide enterprises to complement advantages, exchange resources and work together to develop overseas market. Now, 24 enterprises from overseas contracting, banks, architectural design and other fields are admitted.

As for foreign trade, the export-import volume between the countries along the “B&R” and Dalian reached ¥ 27.82 billion in the first quarter of 2016 with a year-on-year growth of 37.1%, accounting for 26.7% of Dalian export-import volume.

Dalian promotes foreign trade innovation and structural optimization. The government introduces “enforcement advice” for accelerating the development of new competitive advantages in foreign trade, “implementing measures” for constructing incubation bases of foreign trade enterprises, and “management methods” for encouraging foreign trade development funds, which aim to guide enterprises to innovate and change the trade patterns for export expansion. In 2016, 9 incubation bases of foreign trade enterprises, 10 integrated service enterprises of foreign trade, and 11 overseas warehouses were established. 3 provincial export bases and 5 provincial export brands were approved.

Meanwhile, Dalian improves the exploitation of the “B&R” market. On the one hand, local advantage exports are exported actively through overseas exhibitions. In 2016, 63 overseas exhibitions were organized, 20 of which involved the countries along the “B&R”. In this year, Dalian plans to attend 82 overseas exhibitions, 30 of which involve the countries along the “B&R”. One the other hand, Dalian gives full play to the role in overseas enterprises. Based on the trade service centers in Warsaw founded by Dalian TALENT Co., Ltd., the company aims at exploiting potentialities and seeking business opportunities.