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Enhancing the effectiveness of making governmental affairs more transparent and improving international business environment

Today is the 11th “transparent government affairs day of Dalian” with the theme of “enhancing effectiveness of making governmental affairs more transparent and improving international business environment”. Openness and transparency are the essential characteristics of a law-based government. Making government affairs transparent should be comprehensively promoted to make power exercised in the sunshine, which is the fundamental requirement to improve the government’s efficiency and optimize the business environment. The governments at all levels should combine executive decisions, execution, management, service and results together to strengthen institutionalized and standardized construction. The government transparency and credibility should be further enhanced to provide strong support for building an international business environment.

Making government affairs transparent is the intrinsic requirement to optimize the business environment. The fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee pointed out that “the new opening-up system should be formed to build a legalized, internationalized and convenient business environment.” Building a good business environment, by its nature, is to handle the relationship between the government and the market, which is the core content of transforming government functions. Establishing open and transparent government system is not only a practical need of optimizing business environment but also a permanent cure. Only when transparent government affairs are fully promoted, can a good business environment be built. The best bonding point between marketing function and government action should be captured to organically unify the market effects and government functions.

Making government affairs transparent is the only way to build a service-oriented government. The government should make the governance process and results to the public. The masses can participate in public policy-making and public management, which is the internal requirement to establish socialist democracy and development trend of public administration. In order to achieve new breakthroughs in service-oriented government construction, the government should create conditions for the masses to understand executive decisions, execution, management, service and results, which further promotes public service quality. Meanwhile, the supervision function can be developed to promote governments at all levels to implement economic and social management in the open and transparent environment.

Making government affairs transparent is the basic insurance to develop market subject. The government is not only an administrator but also a server. Governments at all levels should provide a good business environment for enterprises and develop creativity and initiative of entrepreneurs. The market dynamics will be further motivated to create a good situation for innovation. Governments at all levels should fulfill service functions in examination and approval, tax reduction and government affairs service. The status and rights of market entities will be protected by establishing an environment for making government affairs transparent. The first-class government affairs environment, legal environment, credit environment, marketing environment and cultural environment will be built to develop market entities in an orderly manner.

This year is “optimizing business environment construction year”. We will further promote transparency of government affairs and build an international business environment.

Streamlining administration and institute decentralization will be opened to the public for creating favorable conditions for investment. The power lists, responsibility lists and all kinds of lists, including administrative undertaking charges, government pricing or  guided-pricing service fees, governmental funds, national vocational qualification and fundamental public service, should be fully disclosed. The reform of streamlining administration and institute decentralization will be promoted to motivate and release market vitality and social creativity. The policies of investment will be fully disclosed to make new breakthroughs in building government management system, implementing investment rules, creating competitive advantages, exploring financial mode, exploiting structural adjustment and building “the Belt and Road” platform, which aim to build an international investment environment and lay a solid foundation for the construction of Dalian free trade zone.

Market supervision information will be opened to the public for creating a fair competition environment. First, “Internet + government affairs service” will be deeply implemented. The unified regulations will be established to build an integrative, transparent and efficient public resources trading platform, aiming to realize “one door” for publicizing government information, “one stop” for dealing with government review and approval, “one number” for responding to the citizens’ aspirations, “one platform” for trading public resources and supervision, “one content” for investigating public credit information and “one network” for providing government services. Second, government portal website will be updated. The government information will be further opened to the public. Government and public information sharing will be promoted. “Hand-held government” will be built to expand new media services, aiming to make it convenient to enterprises and the masses. Third, the construction of social credit system will be strengthened. The market supervision system will be built as the core of credit. Credit information of all enterprises will be collected and displayed to promote united stimulation and punishment in key areas. Fourth, supervision information disclosure will be promoted. Market regulations, processes and standards will be established with full coverage. Comprehensive regulatory system will be completed. Disclosure system of administrative permission and penalty will be implemented.

The people’s livelihood security information will be opened to the public for creating a comfortable working environment. First, environment protection information disclosure will be promoted. The progress and results will be released, including environmental protection policies and measures, environmental governance information, especially air pollution and drinking water quality prevention and control, aiming to continuously improve the masses’ environmental consciousness and social common understanding. Second, education and health information disclosure will be promoted. The policy information on education supervision and compulsory education will be released timely. The masses have the right to know the updated medical service, medicine and medical consumables price. Third, food and drug safety information disclosure will be promoted. The information on disclosure and disposition of food safety will be released regularly. The disposition of illegal activities will be opened to the public timely, aiming to ensure the safety of the people. The concerns of society will be responded to positively. All kinds of communication platforms between government and the masses will be made good use of. By following the masses’ will and elucidating policies, people’s sense of happiness will be improved continually.