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Tan Zuojun conducts research in Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) Co., Ltd.

On May 10, Tan Zuojun, standing committee member and Party secretary, conducted a research on business operation and the construction of the second phase project in Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) Co., Ltd., attended the forum on further cooperation with the Vice President Kevin Esfjani and the General Manager of Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Hao Hongyi. Present at the forum were Secretary General Xiong Boli and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Jinpu New District Wang Qiang.

Tan Zujun came to the construction site of the Intel expansion project for nonvolatile storage, checked out the project, and listened to the introduction to the development of Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Intel Dalian plant started to break ground in 2007 and was officially put into operation in 2010. It was decided to increase 5.5 billion US dollars of investment in 2015 to build the world's most advanced non-volatile storage equipment manufacturing base. In July 2016, upgrading project was put into use in advance. The release of two new world-leading new data center-grade SSDs a few days ago marks the successful launch of Intel's Dalian plant upgrade project, which has a milestone significance for the development of integrated circuit industry in Dalian.

In the forum, Kevin Esfjani and Hao Hongyi introduced the development of Intel's global storage chip business and the expansion of Dalian plant. Persons in charge of relevant departments in Dalian provided opinions on supporting the development of the enterprise.

Tan Zujun congratulated Intel on the release and mass production of two new products and expressed his gratitude for the contribution of Intel on the development of Dalian. Tan Zuojun said that Dalian and Intel's pragmatic cooperation has achieved important results and win-win development over these years. Mr. Tan hoped that Intel will continue to expand the scale of investment and further deepen the strategic partnership between the two sides. In the future, Dalian municipal government will, as always, support the development of the Dalian plant, further improve the infrastructure and the efficiency of customs, and create a first-class business environment for Intel.

Kevin Esfgani and Hao Hongyi said that the rapid development of the Dalian plant over the past ten years and the decision to increase investment in new product production are attributed to the strong support of Dalian and high-quality service Dalian has provided. With confidence in further cooperation,, they are looking forward to the expansion of capital in the future.