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Changhai County successfully holds tourism instructors’ contest

In order to fully implement the tourism quality upgrading project, mobilize the social forces to cultivate and reserve outstanding travel instructors, and further to serve enterprises and tourists to solve the problem of lacking travel instructors in our County, the Changhai County tourism instructors contest themed as “love traveling, love Changhai County and make contributions to ‘tourism promotes the County’s development’” was cosponsored by the County Tourism Bureau, the County Committee of Communist Youth League and the County Spiritual Civilization Office on May 3rd.

The competition was divided into two sessions of preliminaries and finals. A total of eight players entered the finals. The finals included three parts: simulation of comprehensive ability, instruction of scenic spots and talent show. The contestants resorted to all means to show their confidence and charm, like storytelling or putting every phrase as a gem. No. 1 player Liu Zenghua used the humorous Allegro to win a good impression; No. 2 player Zhan Xiuyuan and No. 4 player Zou Wenjiao took advantage of dancing to conquer the audience; No. 7 player Sun Qi’s song of “Spring Blossoms” evoked the audience’s resonance. The judges were amazed at the players’ wonderful performances. No. 7 player Sun Qi’s bilingual instruction demonstrated profound cultural deposits. Players’ wonderful performances not only attracted the judges and the audience at the scene, but also provided a great opportunity for the players to learn from each other.

There were one first prize winner, 2 second prize winners, 2 third prize winners and 3 outstanding award winners.

The competition was a beneficial exploration for the Tourism Bureau to enhance the quality of tourism, which would promote professional skills and service capabilities of the tourism instructors. The activity would also provide a new impetus for tourism development in our County and set an example for regional instructors training.