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The road construction in Dalian comes to the best period

Recently, the road maintenance projects are gradually started and the traffic inconvenience caused by construction has influenced the public travel. It is known from the municipal departments that the annual damage rate is about 5%. Due to weather factors, the period from the beginning of May to mid-October is suitable for road maintenance work. Dalian has not yet entered the rainy season, so it is the best period for road construction.

Dalian is to hold the International Marathon, Davos World Economic Forum and other large activities. The maintenance of two activities involved in the damaged road has been arranged to ensure smooth traffic and show the world China’s good image through Dalian’s appearance. The citizens are expected to understand the inconvenience caused by construction and pay attention to road maintenance and traffic guidance information.

The road maintenance work starting from April 12 this year has finished the construction of Qiqi Street, Gangwan Street, Ganglong West Road and Chaoyang Street. At present, the Urban Construction Bureau is maintaining Gaoerji Road, the road section from Garden Square to Zhongshan Road will be closed on May 9. At 21 on the 9 and the Gaoerji Road will be opened to traffic.

The road maintenance will be made during day and night in combination with reality. The enclosed construction during the day is conducted in residential areas in order to avoid night construction noise and protect the interests of residents around the construction site. On the main roads or in sections with fewer residents, night construction is conducted so as to reduce traffic pressure and ensure smooth traffic.

During the construction, construction units in combination with the actual road traffic conditions cooperate with the traffic police departments in a timely manner to adjust the sections and time of road closure. Traffic police departments reasonably adjust flow, timely change lane guide in traffic jam-prone road sections and guide the public travel on site. The Urban Construction Bureau increases efforts in site management, dust pollution control, the implementation of duties of all parties and the management of road archives and accelerate the progress of the projects while ensuring project quality so as to minimize road closure time and ease traffic pressure. The traffic organization program has been released to the public through newspaper, television and other media, etc. to reduce the impact of road construction on the public travel and complete the road maintenance tasks.