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Wafangdian City disabled federation organizes business knowledge test for full-time disabled members

In order to improve the business knowledge and working capacity of the full-time members of the disabled in Wafangdian City, Wafangdian City disabled federation oranzied 324 full-time members to participate in the business knowledge test on the morning of April 26 in meeting room on the third floor.



The examination covers all business of disabled federation, which replaces training and practice with examinatin. The examination room disciplines are strictly implemented in the closed-book exam. The leadership team of Wafangdian City Disabled Association attaches great importance to the examination, and  the chairman Li Wenzhang personally led 8 staff to take charge of examination monitoring.



In recent years, with the increase of preferential policities for the disabled and investment in the cause of disabled people, it is imperative to improve the overall quality and performance of full-time members. A high-quality full-time team is the key to the construction of grassroots federation association, and one of the important guarantee for realizing a comprehensive well-off society. Wafangdian Disabled Federation has always attached great importance to the construction and management of full-time members of the team, sticked to the principle of survival of the fittest, selected the most excellent members, and conducted regular assessments, thus playing a positive role in promoting the development of undertaking for the disabled people.