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The 11th science and technology festival for primary and secondary school students was held

Recently, the 11th science and technology festival for primary and secondary school students was held in Science and Technology Education Center in Pulandian District.



This festival contained Olympus competition in mind, youth science and technology games, science and technology competitions, science and technology innovation contest and youth natural science knowledge challenge activities. The youth science and technology sports competition included Klotski group time trial, Kongming Lock group time trial, four-wheel assembly, zero speed hegemony four-wheel drive race, electric car straight scoring race and aviation model scoring race. More than 1,200 players from nearly 35 primary and secondary schools participated in the competitions, making a breakthrough in the number of participants and the scale of competition compared to previous years.



Over the years, Pulandian District Education, Culture and Sports Bureau attached great importance to science and technology education in primary and secondary schools. As an important carrier of school science and technology, the festival is well-planned and carefully prepared. Through the competition, science and technology education and scientific and technological activities will be promoted in the regional primary and secondary schools, attracting more students to participate in the competitions, comprehend the mystery of science and technology, and experience the pleasure of cooperation and the charm of innovation. Yutou Elementary School, Fengrong Center Primary School and Experimental Primary School have participated in the Asia Pacific and the US International Invitational Tournament and have won the first prizes for the student project and tutor project in the 32nd Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition held recently.