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218,000 tourists came to Zhuanghe City during the May Day holiday

Spring is very much in the air with blooming flowers everywhere in Zhuanghe City. The tourism in Zhuanghe City ascended to another peak with a total number of 218,000 inbound tourists, with a year-on-year increase of 14.8%, generating a revenue of 265 million yuan.
The scenic spots functioned orderly during the May Day holiday. The main scenic spots received 126,000 tourists and 70% of them  are self-driving. Zhuanghe City established such characteristic projects as Duxiangu National Forest Park and Bingyu Chateau to further step up the building of the state global tourism demonstration area. During the soft opening period in the May Day holiday, Duxiangu and Bingyu Chateau received 4,000 and 600 tourists respectively. What’s more, over 1,000 agritainments and fishing resort hosted 50,000 tourists who came all the way to experience the food and life in the countryside. And 11,000 tourists visited Shicheng Island and Wangjia Island.

Tourist attractions introduced festival activities in the holiday, such as Tianmen Mountain Flowers Festival, Cheng Mountain Cultural Festival and Pinwheel Carnival in Tianyi Manor, which attracted lots of people. Zhuanghe North Station opened 8 direct lines to tourist attractions, providing tourists convenience access to their destinations.

Leaders in charge of tourism from the government and Tourism Bureau led safety patrol in key tourists destinations, aiming at ensuring the tourism market order; more polices were sent to secure the order in the scenic spots during the holiday and officials from Tourism Bureau were assigned to each scenic spot to watch over and coordinate the overall situation. The order in tourists destinations in Zhuanghe City during the holiday was preserved and acclaimed by the tourists under the jointly efforts from all sides.