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Dalian Vocational School of Tourism holds an admission oath activity for new League members

During the Chinese Youth Day, Dalian Vocational School of Tourism held an admission oath activity for new League members. All the teachers and students took part in the activity.

During the activity, the School Youth League Committee read out the list of new members of the Communist Youth League of China. The old members issued League member cards and League badges to the new members. All the League members took a solemn oath in front of the League flag. The representatives of old and new League members delivered speeches respectively. They expressed their steadfast determination to dedicate their energy and youth for the Youth League Committee. The secretary of School Youth League Committee encouraged all students to take this admission oath activity as an opportunity, aiming to take Chinese excellent youths as examples, carry forward the spirits of the May 4th Movement and inherit glorious tradition, which made students show their youthful energy in Dalian Vocational School of Tourism.

Dalian Vocational School of Tourism always pays high attention to recruiting new League members, organizational construction and cultivating young students. According to the demands of practical and educational activities, the school organizes and carries out a series of activities including self-study, writing study notes, organizing League classes and holding regular organization activities. We should comprehensively strengthen League discipline and enhance their senses of honor and progressiveness to cultivate high-quality tourism talents.