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National lecturing team of “rule of law entering campuses” came to Dalian

On April 20, national lecturing team of “rule of law entering campuses” jointly carried out by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of Education came to Dalian Ganjingzi District Yuwen Middle School. Yang Yuequan, deputy director of Dalian Education Bureau attended the activities and delivered a speech. Related leaders of Liaoning Province People’s Procuratorate, Dalian People’s Procuratorate, Dalian Education Bureau and some procuratorates and education bureaus of districts and counties, some municipal people’s representatives and members of CPPCC participated in these activities. Members of Supreme People’s Procuratorate lecturing team gave a wonderful lesson of law education to over 400 students.

During the activity, members of the lecturing team gave lessons centering on how to prevent juvenile delinquency and campus violence through such forms as case analysis, law explanation, mini-games and award-winning questions, tactfully combining knowledge with fun and making teachers and students learning something. Students generally said procurators coming to the campuses is helpful for students to enhance self-protection consciousness and helpful to promote campus safety.

Enhancing law education of middle and primary school students and improving the consciousness of rights and obligations as well as rules are important measures to prevent and eliminate campus bullying and violence. Yang Yuequan, deputy director of Dalian Education Bureau required all educational administration departments and schools should take the opportunity of lecturing activity of “rule of law entering campuses” to further take strong measures, deepen the activity of government by law entering campuses and improve juveniles’ consciousness of abiding by law and self-protection. Efforts should be made to build a series of juveniles’ law education demonstration bases and cooperative bases of procuratorates and schools, further promote the society forming a good atmosphere of caring juveniles’ healthy growth through various types of publicity campaigns and guide students to set up correct outlook of the world, the life and the values so as to be models of knowing, understanding, obeying and using laws.