Lu Lin



Resume of Lu Lin


Name: Lu Lin

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July, 1963

Political Background: Member of the Communist Party of China

Education Background: Master’s Degree, Doctor of Management

Professional Title: Senior Economist

Current Official Positions:

Member, CPC Standing Committee of Dalian

Executive Deputy Mayor

Deputy Secretary, CPC Group of the People’s Government of Dalian


Previous Leadership Positions:

-Deputy Chairman, Board of Directors of Dalian Bangchui Island Beer Group; General Manager, Bangchui Island Beer Co., Ltd.;

-Member, CPC Standing Committee of Shahekou District; Deputy Governor, the People’s Government of Shahekou District;

-Deputy Secretary, CPC Committee of Shahekou District; Governor, the People’s Government of Shahekou District;

-Deputy Secretary-General, the People’s Government of Dalian; Secretary, CPC Group of Dalian Free Trade Zone; Director, Management Commission of Dalian Bonded Area; Member, CPC Working Committee of Pilot Zone;

-Vice-city-level official of Dalian;

-Deputy Mayor, the People’s Government of Dalian;

-Member, CPC Standing Committee of Dalian; Deputy Mayor, the People’s Government of Dalian;

Since February, 2018:

-Member, CPC Standing Committee of Dalian; Executive Deputy Mayor, the People’s Government of Dalian; Deputy Secretary, CPC Group of the People’s Government of Dalian;  


Current in Charge of:
-Assisting the mayor in handling daily affairs of Dalian Municipal People’s Government, and coordinate matters related to the cross-sectoral division;
-Presiding over works related to development, reform, planning, fiscal affairs, taxation, county economy, human resources & social security, business affairs, safety production, construction of legal government, administration permission reformation, civil-military integration, protection of military facilities, construction of power infrastructure, affairs with Taiwan, as well as works entrusted by the mayor;
-In charge of the Commission of Development and Reform (Price Bureau, Revitalization Office), Bureau of Finance, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security (Bureau of Public Servants, Bureau of Foreign Experts), Foreign Affairs Office (Oversea Chinese Affairs Office), State Administration of Work Safety(SAWS), Governmental Office of Legislative Affairs, National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, Arbitration Commission, Taiwan Affairs Office, China Council for Promotion of International Trade, (Dalian branch), Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, (Dalian branch), Davos Affairs Office, Dalian Academy of Governance;
-Assisting the mayor in managing affairs related to Office of Organization Establishment, Auditing Bureau;
-Acting as the liaison with the National People’s Congress of Dalian, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Dalian, various democratic parties, Dalian Trade Union, the Office Dispatched by Ministry of Finance to Dalian, Dalian National Taxation Bureau, as well as foreign agencies, institutions stationed in Dalian;
-Responsible for CPC Party construction and the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government within the departments in charge. Responsible for the safety supervision of the above-mentioned governmental departments, institutions and the daily work of the Dalian Municipal Safety Committee.